Friday, March 9, 2018

One Man’s Democracy Promotion is Another’s Meddling.

Did you ever wonder who produced and paid for all of the banners and signs (printed in English) seen at anti-government demonstrations in places as diverse as Iran, Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela, Georgia etc.   Well it’s a good bet that the National Endowment for Democracy played some part in it.  

The NED, founded in 1983, was the brainchild of Reagan’s CIA director William Casey to (in the words of the late Robert Parry) “take over CIA programs that attempt to influence foreign elections by promoting the selection of candidates who supported U.S. policy and would ‘do what the U.S. government tells them to do.’”  

The NED has a budget of $180 million from US Government, and distributes grants to supposedly promote democracy.  It is prohibited from engaging in partisan political activities and from ‘promoting democracy’ in the USA; also it is required to receive approval for all grants from the State Department prior to dishing them out. But this didn’t prevent it from financing opposition factions in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Venezuela, not to mention Ukraine and Iran. Did you ever wonder where the $5 billion that Victoria Nuland bragged about spending on the 2014 overthrow the corrupt (but elected) government of Ukraine, came from.?  It’s a good bet that the NED had something to do with it.

Meddling in other countries elections (like those pesky Russians did to deny Hillary the throne). Heaven forbid!

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