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Answers to the Art Quiz.

For all of you who looked at the Art Quiz posted last Saturday (12 Sept.)  here are the answers.

Please blow your own trumpet if you did well and let the world know.   The best score on pub night was 32/40.  But this was a table of five or six advanced VISA students.


How painters signed their art.

1. How did Marcel Duchamp sign the urinal (Fountain) submitted to Society of Independent Artists exhibition in 1917?
Ans. R.Mutt

2. How did Vincent Van Gogh sign paintings he considered ready for sale? 
Ans. Vincent

3. How did Claude Monet sign his paintings? 
Ans. Claude Monet + date.

4. How did Leonardo da Vinci sign his work? 
Ans. He didn't

5. Which painter only signed works at point of sale?. 
Ans. Picasso

Which artist or artists said or wrote the following?

6. "Art is never finished, only abandoned". 
Ans. da Vinci.

7. "If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint', then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced".
Ans. Van Gogh.

8. "Pablo. Oh Pablo, he used to be a good painter now he is just a genius." 
Ans. Georges Braque.

9. "I can't tell you if genius is hereditary, because heaven has granted me no offspring."
Ans. James McNeil Whistler

10. "Gordon's gin makes us very very drunk".
Ans. Gilbert and George.

11. Which Canadian artist, because of shortage of funds for materials, sometimes used gasoline to thin oil paint, thereby creating a nightmare for future curators?
Ans Emily Carr.

12. Which Canadian painter met his end at Canoe Lake in suspicious circumstances, possibly murder?
Ans. Tom Tomson.

13. Against a regiment I oppose a brain
And a dark horse against an armoured train.

For which Canadian painter were these words by poet Roy Fuller, the inspiration for one of his most famous works?
Ans. Alex Colville.

14. Which Canadian artist was mentored and championed by the New York critic Clement Greenberg and became a famous Color Field and Abstract Expressionist painter.
Ans. Jack Bush.

15. Which Canadian artist drove a Rolls Royce and owned several aeroplanes and threatened to publicly burn over a thousand of his prints in a dispute with Revenue Canada. Ans. Tony Only

16. HOV GANG. Surname - two words.                                    Ans . Van Gogh.
17. SCANT LOBE. Surname - one word.                                   Ans. Constable.
18. LAME OIL CHANGE. Surname - one word.                           Ans. Michaelangelo.
19. YEN YON LOT. First and surname- two words.                    Ans. Tony Onley
20. AN JOY SACK. initials and surname by which artist is known. Ans. A.Y. Jackson.

21. Name the French artist whose first and preferred language was Peruvian Spanish.
Ans. Paul Gaugin.

22. Name the artist who was born in Edinburgh and who has lived in England, Canada and Trinidad.
Ans. Peter Doig.

23. Name the French painter born in the Danish West Indies (St. Thomas) of a creole mother and a father of Portuguese Jewish descent.
Ans. Camille Pissarro.

24. What American artist was born in a town in the Russian Empire (now in Latvia), where he attended a Talmudic school, emigrated to USA at age 10 and attended high school in Portland, Oregon?
Ans. Mark Rothko.

25. Which French painter was heavily involved in the French Revolution as a Jacobin and as a friend of Marat and Robespierre, but who, unlike them, survived and lived in exile in Brussels after the Bourbon Restoration.
Ans. Jacques-Louis David.

26. What work of art exists in four versions - two pastel (1893 and 1895) and two oil paintings (1893 and 1910) with the 1893 version being stolen in 1994 and the 1910 version stolen in 2004?
Ans. The Scream by Edward Munch.

27. This famous square painting executed in 1908 - 09 is composed of oil paint with applied layers of gold leaf.
Ans. The Kiss by G. Klimt.

28. This famous painting of the Spanish Golden Age, depicts the Royal Family and includes the painter working at an easel. Who is the painter? Or what is the name of the painting?
Ans. D. Velasquez. Las Meninas.

29. Of what painting did its creator stipulate that it should not be exhibited in Spain until a republic was established there (later amended to the establishment of liberty and democracy).
Ans. Guernica by Picasso.

30. What is the name, given by Giorgio Vasari, the Renaissance art historian, to a portrait of the wife of Francesco del Giocondo - a name by which the painting is now known?
Ans. TheMonaLisa.

31. A famous modern artist's full name comprises twenty words, but he is best known by his mother's family name. Who is he?
Ans. Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso.

32. This satirical artist was born in Berlin in 1893 and died there in 1959. Bitterly anti-Nazi he left Germany in 1933 for the USA. After his arrival in there
he changed his style completely. He returned to live permanently in Berlin in 1958 , but died within 6 weeks of his return after falling downstairs following a night of drinking.
Ans. George Grosz.

33. This American artist was a Ruthenian Catholic (Byzantine Catholic). He suffered from St. Vitus' Dance as a child and Robert Hughes said of him 'He was one of the stupidest people I'd ever met in my life. He had nothing to say'. 
Ans. Andy Warhol.

34. What pair of famous artists were married to each other twice? 
Ans. Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.

35. This artist was known by over thirty names and he became famous after his work "Thirty Six Views of Mt. Fuji" appeared.
Ans. Katsushika Hokusai

For each question three artists will be given. Identify the genre or movement with which they are associated.
36. Georges Braque, Pablo Picasso and Juan Gris. 
Ans. Cubism.

37. Edward Burne-Jones, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and John Everett Millais. 
Ans. Pre-Raphaelite movement.

38. Rene Magritte, Hans Arp and Max Ernst. 
Ans. Surrealism

39. Emil Nolde, Max Beckmann and Otto Dix.
Ans. German Expressionism.

40. C. Pissarro, C. Monet and E. Manet. 
Ans. French Impressionism.

101. The Australian painter Sidney Nolan painted a series of paintings about an Australian outlaw and folk hero. What was the series called?
Ans. The Ned Kelly Series.

102. This bisexual Art Deco painter was born in Warsaw and was part of the Paris Bohemian art scene in the 20s. When she died in Mexico she was a baroness. Ans. Tamara Lempicka

103. Name as many as you can of the top five richest artists in the worl.d.
NB There is not universal agreement on the list. So name up to five and earn a point for each one in the top ten.
Ans. 1. Damien Hirst 2. Jeff Koons 3. Jasper Johns. 4. David Choe
5. Andre Vicari. 6. Takashi Murakami. 7. Anish Kapoor 8. Anthony Gormley 9. Gerhard Richter. 10. David Hockney.

Source and design museum 

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