Tuesday, September 1, 2015


September 1st 2015. Victoria, BC, Canada. Not quite Labour Day yet, but it feels like summer is almost over here since, over the last few days, we have had the first real rain in three months. So it seems like a good day to start on a new venture - a new blog. I have been using Facebook for the last couple of months but I think sometimes my posts are too long for many FB users. Perhaps they are more appropriate for a blog. So here goes.


  1. Well done Bill, I will follow with interest. Blogger is straightforward to use but WordPress is also useful. You can switch from one to the other fairly easily as I did.

  2. I assume you know that by clicking on f at the base of your post you can also publish it on FB. In WordPress at least you are able to give a brief summary of your post to FB. People can then click on a supplied link if they want to read the whole article.